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Donatella Fioretti is an architect, and professor of architecture. She graduated from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia. She started 1995 in Berlin together with Piero Bruno and José Marquez the studio Bruno Fioretti Marquez. The studio has won numerous international competitions and realized projects in Germany and Switzerland. Main focus in the work of Bruno Fioretti Marquez are cultural buildings, particularly in the context of UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as residential and educational buildings.
Many projects have won national awards and have been extensively published internationally.
Since 2011 she is teaching at the TU in Berlin.

June 2, thursday

Lost in translation

The complexity of the building’s technology has grown exponentially in the last decades.
In the contemporary architectural practice there is an almost paradoxical proliferation of rules and norms, a constantly increasing demand of improved acoustic, thermal and ecological performances. Technical reasons supersede more complex architectural necessity. It is already usual praxis in many countries to confine the architect’s involvement to the conception of a “general design” while relaying on the general contractor to elaborate all remaining technical planning. It can be argued that the role of the technical detail has transformed from being an instance of control of the consequent translation of architectural concept in construction to an instrument constantly disputed by numerous and different interests that informs the construction’s process. The actual debate fails to acknowledge an essential link between concept and detail, an intrinsic relationship that has always defined the design process. To decouple the architectural concept from his technical implementation means to deactivate a fundamental mechanism of the creative process.